Sahayak (helper in Hindi) is our social action ministry where we exist to transform communities through the local church.

It all started in 2004 as a response to the conviction that the local Church has to be the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ wherever placed. This conviction along with the Biblical imperative in Isaiah58:6-7 to care for the poor and oppressed, to fight exploitation and injustice, led to the inception of this ministry

Currently we are engaged in two projects.

  1. Zakhira

Zakhira slum is located in West Delhi, around 7 km from our campus in Bhai Vir Singh Marg. The community comprises of migrants from neighbouring states who are daily wage workers, labourers and rickshaw pullers.

We run daily adult literacy class for the women and a sponsorship program that enables our members to sponsor children’s tuition fees. Some of the ladies work for an organization called Ashabelle, a women empowering initiative from one of our former members. Their handmade products are available at

We would love to have you worship with us at the recently planted Zakhira Church, please do also consider to serve at this church plant.

  1. GB Road

This road is not known for its historicity but its reputation as the capital’s red light district. This place is a home to hundreds of sex workers and their children. The need for healing here is immense, from physical to emotional and spiritual. Women are in bondage and are unable to have an identity of their own that forces them to remain within this community. There is freedom in the Gospel and as servants of Lord Jesus we sow the seeds along the way.

Our team visits to encourage the women and pray along them.

Partner with us in prayer.

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